Hey y’all.


Salty tooth here. I go by Rachel sometimes too. I’m a shameless food pusher and shutterbug living the desert southwest life. I’ve got a major salty tooth, and I know I’m not the only one. So, I’m sharing my collection of savory favorites for the salty tooth in you.

I believe the best food is the most accessible. It may not always be the prettiest or priciest. I’m here to highlight the humblest of recipes and uncover the techniques that make them so dang delicious. With each recipe, I recipe test to perfection and then lay out the groundwork so you can put your own spin on it!

From the southern staples of my old stomping grounds to the foodie souvenirs I’ve picked up during my travels, I’m cataloging as much goodness as I can get my hands on. Intended for home chefs, budding foodies, and aspiring savorists, this unfussy and failproof recipe box is sure to keep your salty tooth well fed. Whatever hugs your soul and takes you home, you can find it here.

When I’m not cooking or shooting, you can find me relaxing on somebody’s patio, hiking rugged desert trails, or traveling with family and friends. Special thanks to my hubby (Boomer) and kiddo (Levi) who are the official Salty Tooth taste testers. Little baby Ruthie is our newest addition and taste tester in training! And of course, thank you to our dog Ziggy for being the most adorable cuddle specialist/floor cleaner ever.





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