This post has nothing to do with food. It’s about the proverbial bun in the oven (I’m growing a tiny human). I’m seven months pregnant now and feeling every day of it. Little Ruthie has really put me through the wringer. I guess being ten years older than when I was last pregnant isn’t helping much either.

As much as I wish I could keep going at my current pace, it’s time to start cutting back my Salty Tooth “hours.” Food blogging is hard work!

This doesn’t mean zero posts til baby, just that posting may be more sparse and erratic. I’ll most definitely be researching and writing behind the scenes since I go a little stir crazy without a project to do. Likely the posts will just shift focus, from the heavy lifting of nonstop recipe testing to more generalized culinary info.

So let me hear it from you! Do you have any ideas on other content you’d like to see on Salty Tooth in the meantime? What should I research or write up leading up to this little maternity leave of mine? What would be helpful to you and your kitchen adventures?

Comment below and let me know what’s on your mind! Maybe a thorough overview of cookware materials and how to care for them? Maybe a guide to various salts so you can season to your heart’s content? Or a more extensive update of the photography, cooking and blogging resources that I’ve found helpful on my food blogging journey?

And of course, I’ll pick right back up where I left off with the recipes when able. Full steam ahead!

So thanks for your patience while we navigate this transition! My little Mardi Gras (or Valentines?) bun in the oven will be fully baked soon, and with her comes more comfort foods- promise!

Happy holidays!

bun in the oven

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