Resources for Cooking

I find inspiration for cooking from many places. Family tradition, foodie compatriots, far away travel and local flavors all have a special place in my kitchen. However, I’ve found a few resources to be particularly helpful. I return to these over and over again in light of their genius and significance.

Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat– A cookbook like no other! Comprehensive and easy to read, Chef Samin focuses on the simple science behind great tasting food so you can rely less on recipes. No wonder I keep it close by! I regularly gush about the salt by weight chart, especially helpful for meaty recipes like my pulled pork sammies.

Michael Ruhlman’s Ratio– More method, less recipe. Ruhlman sheds light on key ratios that help turn ingredients into meals. I’ve used these ratios as the basis for countless recipes, including my favorite all-purpose flour biscuits, my perfect southern cornbread, and my banana nut bread.


Resources for Food Photography

Food photography was a steeper learning curve for me by comparison. But there were a few key resources that made the learning curve a lot less steep than it otherwise might have been. So, if you’re interested in upping your food photography game, check them out!

Pinch of Yum’s Tasty Food Photography eBook– This handy ebook was literally my first taste of learning food photography! The author’s teaching background really came in handy for explaining basic concepts like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Helene Dujardin’s Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography and Styling– Another outstanding book covering the fundamentals with dreamy images to boot!

The Bite Shot– Founder Joanie Simon along with The Bite Shot’s Facebook Community have been a wellspring of knowledge and inspiration. From weekly YouTube videos to the Flash for Food Photography course, I’ve seen the biggest leap in my food photography skills thanks to Joanie.

As for refining composition and post-processing skills, I recommend Rachel Korinek’s (of Two Loves Studio) courses on composition, Lightroom, and Photoshop. These were a game-changer for my photography aesthetic and I continue to refer back to these materials all the time! Rachel also has a wonderful e-book called the Art of Light which is a helpful overview of practical lighting scenarios whether you’re using natural or artificial lighting.

And of course- Instagram! There are fabulous food photos everywhere you turn! Some places I look to for photography inspiration are @meatsballsmama@platingsandpairings, and @cooking_therapy, among others!


Curious about other resources or gear I use? Check out my comprehensive list, or just contact me!


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